Antique Vintage Fishing Reels, Lures & Tackle Information Website

Antique Vintage Fishing Reels, Lures and Tackle Information website is intended to provide information to anyone interested in antique and vintage fishing lures, reels and tackle.

Photos of rare and collectable reels by George Snyder (GS), Geo. Gayle, J. F. & B.F. Meek, B. F. Meek & Sons, B.C. Milam & Son, Wm. H. Talbot, H.L. Leonard, J. Deally, J. L. Sage, Benjamin Thumezy, Thos. Chubb, Frank Fullilove, Otto Zwarg, Edward and Julius vom Hofe, Billinghurst, C. M. Clinton, C.H. Wisner, E. Holzmann, America Company, A. H. Fowler and Wm. Mills are just of few of the the ones that can be seen here.

Photos of and information about old and collectable lures made by famous companies like R. Haskell, W.D. Chapman, James Heddon’s Sons, Creek Chub, Shakespeare, and Pflueger are included. Old lures made by companies from Florida such as Ammie Lee Like Live Bait Co., Jim Pfeffer, Garland Bros., Eger Bait, Florida Fishing Tackle, Barracuda, Dazzy Vance, Cox’s Sporting Goods, Bender & Flynn Bait, Robinson Bait and Flood Florida Shinner Minnow are also included. Photos of British baits from UK companies like Gregory, Allcock, Farlow and Hardy Bros. are contained in this site.

Also contained in this website are photos of early Tournament Casting Medals, Club Award pins from Cabo Blanco and Cat Cay. Photos of Field & Stream Award and Honor Badges and pins are provided for your enjoyment.

I am a long time collector and researcher into the histories and products of the companies mentioned above. I enjoy talking to people about old fishing tackle. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about old reels or lures.

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