C.F. Orvis Reels – Manchester, VT

C.F. Orvis reels were patented on May 12, 1874. The first model was manufactured by Manhattan Brass & Manufacturing Co. in New York City. It had the head-plate and tail-plate riveted to the pillars. It also had the Orvis name and patent date engraved on the bottom of the foot. The first and second models came with a nice form fitting, hinged walnut wood box. He continually improved upon the reel and later models were screwed together. Reels made after the early 1900’s had their end plates fastened to the pillars with screws. The reels are usually found made of nickel plated brass. The reel was also made of solid nickel silver (German silver). In 1876, an Orvis ad stated they could provide gold plated reels for prizes. These models and are considered scarce. The Charles F. Orvis company is still in business today making a wide range of quality tackle. C.F. Orvis reels are considered one of the great reels made in the New England states area.

The Second Model ORVIS Fly Reel & Wood Box, circa 1890, and Later 1903 ORVIS Catalog No. 25

The Second Model ORVIS Fly Reel (Riveted Ends), circa 1890

The Third Model ORVIS Fly Reel, circa 1910

The Fourth Model ORVIS Fly Reel, circa 1910

The Reproduction Model ORVIS Fly Reel, circa 1992

c f orvis reels

CHARLES F. ORVIS May 12, 1874 Patent


ORVIS 1875 “Forest and Stream” Magazine Ad


ORVIS March, 1876 “Forest and Stream” Magazine Ad Listing GOLD Plated Reel


The ORVIS Reels in 1910 “Abercrombie & Fitch” Catalog


ORVIS Ad in July, 1919 “Forest and Stream” Magazine

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May, 1915 “Forest and Stream” Magazine Article About CHARLES ORVIS