Mooney Goodrich Special Lure – Lakeland, FL

The Mooney Goodrich Special lure was made in Lakeland, FL. N.E. Mooney made and sold a lure called the Henry A. Goodrich Special. Not much is known about the company other than they made a very interesting bait. The hand-painted pattern on the back of the lure makes it a pleasing effect to the overall character of it. The lure also came with just a dark green back color finish without the hand-painted design. The lure is a surface bait and comes with painted tack eyes. Mooney Goodrich Special lures are considered to be one of the great Central Florida Lures.

mooney goodrich special lure

The Lure and Cardboard Box, circa 1930’s

mooney goodrich special lure

The Two Color Patterns For The Lures

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