Wm. Croft & Sons Lures – Toronto, Canada

Wm. Croft & Sons started out in Toronto, Canada as Wm. Croft & Co. in 1855. They started out making needles, hooks and fishing tackle. Croft later became a large wholesale store that sold a very wide range of products including fishing tackle. The business names and dates of operation for each are shown below.

  • 1855 – 1882 Wm. Croft & Co.
  • 1882 – 1888 Wm. Croft & Son
  • 1888 – 1930 Wm. Croft & Sons

In the early 1900’s, Croft manufactured and sold Star and Lowe brand metal lures. Later, they also became the sole distributor of Heddon fishing tackle in Canada.

Thanks to Ken Kerr and Patrick Daradick for providing information.

Wm. Croft Metal Lures

Wm. Croft & Sons Business Postcards

Wm. Croft Invoice and Envelope

Wm. Croft Ad

Wm. Croft & Sons 1903 Ad

Wm. Croft Building

Wm. Croft & Sons Building in 1916 Catalog

Wm. Croft Heddon Ad

Wm. Carter & Sons Listed in 1923 Heddon Ad