Yawman & Erbe Reels – Rochester, NY

Yawman & Erbe fishing reels were made starting in 1884 when they bought the reel company and the patent rights from the Loomis, Plumb & Co. Francis Loomis had received a patent for an automatic fly reel on December 7, 1880. Yawman & Erbe started making the Loomis patent automatic fly reel in their factory in Rochester, NY. The reel had stamped on it the Loomis patent dates. Yawman subsequently improved on the reel and received two patents. On June 16, 1891 he received a patent that changed the brake and added a stronger holding spring. Then on August 1, 1899 his patent included a spring winding key addition to the reel.

The Yawman & Erbe’s automatic fly reel came in three sizes and was available in five materials which included a brass, hard rubber and aluminum versions. Yawman & Erbe reels are considered to be made by one of the great New York reel makers.

YAWMAN & ERBE Second Model Automatic Fly Reel

Yawman & Erbe 1889 Ad

YAWMAN & ERBE “The American Angler” Magazine 1889 Ad For First Model

Yawman & Erbe 1892 Ad

YAWMAN & ERBE “The American Angler” Magazine 1892 Ad For Second Model

Yawman 1891 Patent

PHILIP YAWMAN June 16, 1891 Patent

Yawman 1899 Patent

PHILIP YAWMAN August 1, 1899 Patent