JVH Big Game Reels – Brooklyn, NY

JVH Big Game Reels were made in a wide range of reel quality from ones of German silver metal and hard rubber to those of nickel plated brass. Big game reels were popular Julius vom Hofe products, but not one of their main sellers. The two reels they made that are considered to be big game reels are the 9/0 and 12/0 size B-Ocean reels. Any of the larger B-Ocen reels like the 6/0 could alos be considered a big game reel although the 9/0 size is usually considered to be the cut off size. JVH big game reels are scarce.

JULIUS vom HOFE Early Version of the B-Ocean 9/0 Size Reel

The JULIUS vom HOFE B-Ocean Size 12/0 Reel

big b ocean reel 4

The JULIUS VOM HOFE B-Ocean Size 6/0 and 12/0 Reels