American Reel Co Reels – Indianapolis, IN

American Reel Co reels contain unique features included in the design by Warren Ohaver & Taylor O’Bannon. They patented a design on January 31, 1882 and assigned it to the American Reel Co. The reel design was unusual in that it had a 8 to 1 multiplying action. It also came with rim pull levers to actuate the click and drag. The reel incorporates the November 14, 1871 Silas B. Terry reel foot patent. About 5 months after the reel patent was granted, Terry Clock sued Ohaver & O’Bannon for breach of contract after about 900 reels had been partially built. The total number of reels built is unknown. The reel came in three sizes and is considered one of the great early reel designs. These reels are considered to be one of the reels made in the USA.

The Ohaver and O’Bannon 1882 patent listed an interesting feature. According to the patent, the reel would include a small bell. Once set, the bell would ring when a fish was taking line out thus allowing the fisherman to attend many rods and lines. Unfortunately, to this date, none of the American reels found have incorporated the bell feature.

America Reel Co Reels

AMERICAN REEL CO. Small & Large Size Reels

The AMERICAN REEL CO. Small Size Reel


The OHAVER & O’BANNON January 31, 1882 Patent


Terry Clock Sued Ohaver & O’Bannon Reported in May 19, 1882 Indianapolis News Newspaper