S. Allcock & Co., Redditch, England

S. Allcock & Co. was a wholesale manufacturer and dealer of fishing tackle. Their Trade Mark is a Stag standing with one hoof raised. They are know for making a wide range of quality items from inexpensive to high priced. Their reels, rods and metal lures are sometimes marked with their Trade Mark, but not always. S. Allcock & Co. is regarded as one of the great UK reel makers.


The S. ALLCOCK & CO. Brass Salmon Reel

S. ALLCOCK & CO. 1886 and 1889 Ads

Allcock 1889 Ad

S. ALLCOCK & CO. 1896 Ad

Allcock 1903 Ad

S. ALLCOCK & CO. 1903 Ad

Allcock 1904 Ad

S. ALLCOCK & CO. 1904 Ad in “Scientific Angler” Magazine

Allcock 1920 Ad

S. ALLCOCK & CO. 1920 Ad in “Angling for Coarse Fish” Book


The ALLCOCK’S “DAZZLE” Bait 1922 Ad

To see a January, 1896 “The Fishing Gazette” Article about the S. ALLCOCK & CO. products, click on the link below.