Col. William G. Schauffler – Lakewood, NJ


Col. William G. Schauffler, Jr. reels quickly achieved prominence in big game fishing off the New Jersey coast in the late 1930’s. His exploits on the high seas catching giant tuna, swordfish and sharks were highlighted in the “Asbury Park Press” and the Camden “The Morning Press” New Jersey newspapers. Schauffler was not a machinist by trade and had a local machinist, Frank Kimsey, make his reels. He was quite the socialite and involved in local government and even ran for NJ state senate in 1940.

William Gray Schauffler, Jr. was born on 24 November 1891 in Beirut, Syria. His father was Dr. William Gray Schauffler, Sr. and taught at the Beirut Medical College. Schauffler became an Army pilot during World War I and flew over 70 combat missions against the Germans over France in 1918. He resigned in 1921 and by 1929, he was the vice-president and general manager of Interstate Airlines in Murfreesboro, TN, a subsidiary of Aviation Corporation in Washington, DC. He was recalled to active duty in 1941 and stationed as base commander at Geiger Field in Spokane, WA. He was then transferred as base commander for Harding Field in Baton Rouge, LA in 1944 from where he was deactivated shortly thereafter. However, having loved the military, he re-enlisted in 1946 as a master sergeant at Mitchell Field, NY. He stayed there on assignment until he died on October 22, 1951 at the age of 61.

The SCHAUFFLER Big Game Reel

schauffler ad 5 aug 1937
SCHAUFFLER Reel Ad in 5 August 1937 “The Morning Post” Camden, NJ Newspaper
schauffler photo 8 aug 1937
SCHAUFFLER Photo in 8 August 1937 “The Morning Post” Camden, NJ Newspaper
schauffler photo 18 aug 1937
SCHAUFFLER Photo in 18 August 1937 “Ashbury Park Press” Newspaper
schauffler photo 18 may 1939
SCHAUFFLER Photo in 18 May 1939 “Ashbury Park Press” Newspaper
Colonel Schauffler Photo
Colonel William Schauffler, Jr. in 1942 Photo