Arthur L. Walker Reels – Hempstead, NY

Arthur L. Walker reels look similar to those made by Edward vom Hofe or Otto Zwarg reels. He started out making salmon reels in the 1950’s. He was born in New York in 1897. He was a machinist by trade and an outdoorsman. They were made of German silver and hard rubber. The first models were sold by William Mills & Son sporting goods store in New York and were offered in sizes 1/0 through 6/0. They came in either single action or multiplying action with model numbers 100 and 200, respectively. Arthur died in New York in December, 1976. Arthur L. Walker reels are considered to be made by one of the great New York reel makers.

Arthur’s son Archibald (Archie) Lawson Walker was born in New York in 1934. His father made him a partner and the company name was “Arthur L. Walker & Son, Inc.” In the 1970’s, Arthur turned over the reel making to Archie. Archie’s reels are typically made of aluminum and Bakelite rather than German silver and hard rubber. Arthur never patented his unique reel design, but Archie did in 1972. The patent for a fly reel was granted on October 10, 1972. At this time Archie was living in Uniondale, NY which is less than two miles from Hempstead, NY. Archie later sold his reels out of Farmingdale, NY and Plainview, NY, both of which are close to Uniondale, NY. Archie died in New York in July, 1994.

The WALKER Salmon Ree Size 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 Salmon Reels

The ARTHUR L. WALKER Salmon Reel

The ARTHUR L. WALKER 3/0 Size Salmon Reels


alw census

Excerpt from 1940 New York Census showing ARTHUR WALKER, his Wife MARGARET and Son ARCHIE

salmon 1

The WALKER Reels in The 1954 William Mills & Son Catalog

salmon 2

The WALKER Reels in The 1958 William Mills & Son Catalog

salmon 3

The WALKER Reels in The 1960 William Mills & Son Catalog

Catalog for The WALKER Fly Reels

The ARCHIE L. WALKER October 10, 1972 Patent

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