Chamberlain Cartridge Hunter Reels – Cleveland, OH

Chamberlain Cartridge Hunter reels came in three versions. The first version was patented on May 19, 1903 and on January 19, 1904 by Robert Hunter. The reel was called “The E-Z-Apart Reel” because of the head plate quick release slide on its rim. This allowed the reel to be quickly taked apart to clean and lubricate it. The first version incorporated an anti-backlash line bar and a rear end plate mounted thumb plunger brake. The free-spool version was patented in January 29, 1907 and incorporated a thumb lever attached on the aft pillar to put the fishing reel in free-spool. It could subsequently be used as a spool brake. This version was advertised before the patent in 1907. The third model was a simplified version of the above two and had neither an anti-backlash bar nor a free-spool thumb bar. The Chamberlain Cartridge Hunter reels are considered to be one of the great early ones made in the USA.

The HUNTER Reel With Anti-Backlash Bar and Thumb Brake Pin

The HUNTER Reel With Free-Spool Thumb Bar

The HUNTER E-Z-Apart Reels


The HUNTER E-Z-Apart Reel Box


1905 Ad For The HUNTER E-Z-Apart Reel


The HUNTER E-Z-Apart Reel Box Ad