Jacks Baits Spot King – Tampa, FL

Jacks Baits Spot King lures were designed and built by Jack Haley in the 1940’s. The lure came in three different color designs. They were sold in flip top hard plastic boxes and the end of the box was stamped “Spot King.”His lure was very popular among the fishermen in the Tampa Bay area in late 1940’s. The Spot King was a rather large surface bait (4 1/2 inches) and could be used as a surface lure when retrieved with rod twitching action. When pulled with constant speed, the lure would dive down and run about 14 inches below the surface. Jacks Baits Spot King lures are considered to be made by one of the Tampa Bay Area Lure Makers.

The SPOT KING Lures, circa 1940’s

The SPOT KING Lures, circa 1940’s


The SPOT KING Lure Box, circa 1940’s

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