Frank “Frenchy” Chevalier Lures – St. Petersburg, FL

Frank “Frenchy” Chevalier Lures were made starting in the mid 1920’s. This is interesting since at this time he was 65 years old. He continued to make lures until he died in 1940. His lures are characterized by paint finishes created with fancy lace patterns. Spray painting through the lace left the pattern on the lure. There are a couple of other design features that let you know whether or not it’s a Frenchy lure. Some of his lures have concave sides and others have flat sides. Some lures have white painted cups for the belly hooks and others have a hook stop on the front of the cup. However, the lace pattern is the best indicator of a Frenchy lure. Frenchy lures are considered to be some of the great lures made by the Tampa Bay are makers.

Frank "Frenchy" Chevalier Lures

Frenchy Chevalier Lures, Circa 1930


FRENCHY CHEVALIER Vamp and Torpedo Lures

newspaper article

Frenchy Chevalier Story in December, 1939 Tampa Bay Times Newspaper