Peck & Snyder Reels, New York, NY

Peck & Snyder reels were sold out of their Sporting Goods store at 124 Nassau St. in New York City in the 1870’s and 1880’s. They did not make the reels they sold, but had companies like Julius vom Hofe make them and put the Peck & Snyder name on them. They did manufacture some of the products they sold.

The Peck & Snyder business was started in 1869 by Andrew Peck and W. Irving Snyder. Peck previously had a business of making baseballs as Andrew Peck & Co. Sporting goods were the products that Peck & Snyder sold. Their baseball, ice skates and tennis rackets were their main products. The business was sold to A.G. Spalding & Bros. in 1894. The Peck & Snyder marked reels were sold by one of the great New York tackle dealers.

PECK & SNYDER Size 3 Reel Made by Julius vom Hofe

Peck & Snyder 1874 ad

Peck & Snyder 1874 Ad

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Peck & Snyder NY Times 1894 Article

NY Times Newspaper March 5, 1894 Announcement