Old Hickory Kinney Bird Lures – Tampa, FL

Old Hickory Kinney Bird lures were made in Tampa, FL. But, Herbert Kinney first started his company in Bangor, MI making hickory rods. He sold his 4 foot hickory casting rod as his main product. He also sold other fishing tackle out of this company including his “Flipper” lure. Kinney moved to Tampa, Florida in the mid 1920’s and named his company Old Hickory Tackle Company of Tampa, Florida. It is here that Kinney received a design patent for his Kinney Bird lure on Sept. 20, 1927. The first Kinney Birds were hand painted in a variety of bird patterns. After his patent was granted, he advertised that his Kinney Birds now came with a “Heddon Finish”. Heddon Lures were popular at this time and recognized as lures of high quality. Kinney must have struck a deal with James Heddon’s Sons to have them paint his lures to hopefully increase his sales. Old Hickory Kinney Bird lures are considered to be made by one of the great Tampa Bay Area Lure Makers.

The KINNEY Bird Lures, circa 1927

Lure Box Ads for KINNEY Bird Lures, circa 1927

The KINNEY Bird Lure with Box Ad, circa 1927

old hickory kinney bird

The KINNEY Flipper Lure, circa 1922


KINNEY 1920 Ad in “The American Angler” Magazine

KINNEY 1922 Ads in “Field & Stream” Magazine

The KINNEY Design Patent