J.B. Crook Reels – New York, NY

J.B. Crook reels were made starting in the 1840’s. The business was established in 1837. In the 1870’s, the company became J.B. Crook & Co. They were manufacturers and importers of fishing tackle. Unlike a lot of the New York City fishing tackle dealers, Crook made his reels. Some of his reels contained innovative features in the way the free spool and drag systems were designed. Most of his reels were the standard New York style ball handle reels. Crook also made reels with a fancy S-shaped handle. J.B. Crook reels are considered to be from one of the great early New York tackle dealers.

J.B. CROOK Nickel Plated Brass Reel with Leather Case, Circa 1853

Unmarked J.B. CROOK Reel with Drag and Free Spool Levers

crook ad

J.B. CROOK Ad in 1849 Book “New-York: Past, Present and Future”

crook ad

J.B. CROOK Ad in 1871 Book “Fur, Fin and Feathers: Game Laws”

crook ad

J.B. CROOK & Co. Ad in 1876 Book “Descriptive Guide to the Adirondacks”

crook ad

J.B. CROOK & Co. Ad in 1877 “The Country” Magazine

crook ad

J.B. CROOK & Co. Ad in 1885 Book “The Angler’s Guide”

crook ad

J.B. CROOK & Co. Ad in 1892 “American Angler” Magazine

crook invoice

J.B. CROOK & Co. 1880 Invoice

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