Thomas J. Conroy Reels – Brooklyn, NY

Thomas J. Conroy reels were the last ones to be marked with the famous Conroy name. In 1883, the Conroy & Bissett company was disbanded and Thomas took over. At first, all of Thomas’s reels were supplied by his former partner Frederick Malleson. A short time later, however, the reel line of Julius vom Hofe were sold in his catalog. The “Silver King” was one of the earliest Julius vom Hofe models and it is not uncommon to find both Thomas J. Conroy and Julius vom Hofe names on the same reel. Only the highest quality Thomas J. Conroy reels that he sold were marked with his name. Thomas Conroy had no reel or rod production facilities and was strictly a dealer in all types of fishing tackle.

The Thomas J. Conroy had a reputation of carrying only the finest brands of fishing tackle. They were in business for almost 40 years. it was sold in 1921. Thomas J. Conroy was one of the great New York tackle dealers.

MALLESON Size 1 Reel Made for THOS. J. CONROY, circa 1890


conroy 1891 ad

THOMAS J. CONROY 1891 Forest and Stream Magazine Ad

wells 1891 ad

The “WELLS” Reel in the 1891 THOMAS J. CONROY Catalog

THOMAS J. CONROY 1917 Forest & Stream Magazine Ads