JVH First Reels – Brooklyn, NY

JVH first reels were made when he was an apprentice with his father Frederich vom Hofe. They established their business in New York in 1857. The JVH first reels are German silver and had an ornate S-shaped handle. The first patent Julis vom Hofe received was on November 26, 1867. It was for a bridge support for the main drive gear in the reel. This provided strength and stability to the gear axle. His patent date can be seen on reels marked with his father’s company name “F. vom Hofe & Son.” The early reels made by him in later years were mostly made of German silver and hard rubber. He made reels varying from small to large sizes to be used for any type of fishing.

JULIUS VOM HOFE Gear Bridge Patent on “F. Vom Hofe & Son” Reel

The JULIUS VOM HOFE German Silver Reel

The JULIUS VOM HOFE Size 1 German Silver Reel

The JULIUS VOM HOFE Reel Made for “William Mills & Son”

The JULIUS VOM HOFE November 26, 1867 Patent

JULIUS VOM HOFE Reels in “Abbey & Imbrie” 1884 Ads

jvh clover leaf reel 1885 ad

JULIUS VOM HOFE Reel Ad in March, 1885 “Forest and Stream” Magazine