Unmarked & Unknown Casting Reels

Unmarked & Unknown casting reels made before 1900 are sometimes found and are difficult to identify the maker. The foot and handle design helps. New York style refers to characteristics seen on reels made in New York before the turn of the 20th century. This includes a crank handle with a round ball counterweight, sliding flip up oil port covers and an offset foot to move the reel closer to the caster’s thumb. Sometimes these reels had thick S-shaped handles rather than ball handles. Kentucky style reels, on the other-hand, had the reel’s foot attached to the two pillars with screws. The click and drag mechanisms were also different.

Back in the Victorian times when these reels were made, it was sometimes customary to have the owner’s name engraved on the reel. These engraved owners’ names are not to be confused with the name of the person or business that made the reel. Doing the research to identify these unmarked & unknown reels makes an interesting hobby.

Unmarked and Unknown New York Style Surf Reels

Unmarked and Unknown New York Style Casting Reels