Tournament Casting Medals, Weights & Patches

Tournament casting medals were prizes that were given out for fly and plug casting for distance and accuracy using approved weights. The medals for the Southern States Casting Tournament in Orlando, FL are from 1929. The gold medal was for first place and the silver medal was for second place. The approved casting weights came in graduated weight sizes and barbless hook flies for fly casting. National yearly casting tournaments supplied the weights with the name of the host city and year on them. The popularity of casting tournaments remained strong up until the 1960’s and is still a sport today. Tournament casting medals & weights are an interesting aspect of these early tournaments. These tournaments were often sponsored by fishing clubs. Other collectible items that were associated with fishing tournaments include cloth patches and event memorabilia. These items often listed the fishing tournament name, location, fish species and year.

Casting Tournament Medals & Weights

1st & 2nd Place Tournament Casting Award Medals – 1929

Tournament Casting Award Medals

Casting Tournament Medals & Weights

Tournament Casting Weights and Line

Tournament Casting Weights


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