Earl Gresh Wooden Purses

Earl Gresh purses were made based on a Design Patent for a Handbag he received on July 13, 1943. This was the start of a new business. The first purse he made was entered into The Smithsonian Museum. All his purses were made from different woods from all over the world. He made one purse he called the “Woods of Florida” purse. The Earl Gresh purses are considered to be made by one of the great Tampa Bay Area Makers.

purse patent

The EARL GRESH July 13, 1943 Handbag Design Patent

purse brochure

EARL GRESH Purse Brochure

making purses

Earl Gresh Article in March, !939 Popular Mechanics Magazine

EARL GRESH Wooden Purses

EAR GRESH Purse Box and Purse Marking and Label

purse ad

EARL GRESH Purse Ad in the Tampa Tribune Newspaper

Earl Gresh Purse Decals

EARL GRESH Purse Product Decals