Mack Finch Lures – Panama City, FL

Mack Finch lures are a good example of the lures by one of the little know makers in Florida. He was born in 1926 and lived in Panama City. He worked for the construction materials company Van Kleeck Company in the 1950’s as a salesman. He was then a manager at Sherwin Williams paints, where he retired after 27 years. He was a fisherman and enjoyed woodworking. In the 1980’s, he started carving lures he thought would catch fish. Mack liked to experiment with different designs. He continued making them up until the early 2000’s. All of his lures are unique and very few are alike. He stamped each of his lures with his initials “MF”. The spinners and diving lips found on some of his lures were made by him. Mack died in Panama City in 2014. He is considered to be one of the great North Florida Lure Makers.


The MACK FINCH Mounted and Framed Lures


The MACK FINCH “MF” Lure Marking