Earl Gresh Flies & Poppers – St. Petersburg, FL

Earl Gresh flies & poppers made him recognized as a leading advocate in taking saltwater fish with a fly or streamer. In the bible for fly patterns, J. Edson Leonard’s book “FLIES” published in 1950, he was featured as an expert in this increasingly popular saltwater sport. His Flies that were featured in the book were the Gresh Bonefish Flies in eight different patterns. It is interesting to note that in all of the fishing pictures published of Earl, he is using a fly rod. This was true even up until the 1950’s when he was fishing editor for the Florida Speaks magazine. His fishing feature articles in the magazine described fishing for everything from bass to tarpon with plugs as well as fly rod poppers. Fly-fishing was his first love and he must have liked the image it portrayed. Earl Gresh is considered one of the great Tampa Bay Area Florida lure makers.

EARL GRESH Salt Water Flies Display Board

earl gresh flies & poppers
earl gresh flies & poppers

EARL GRESH Flies from Weber Archives

earl gresh flies & poppers

EARL GRESH Fly Rod Lures and Reel


EARL GRESH Spider Fly w/Box


EARL GRESH Salt Water Fly in Packet

EARL GRESH Fly Rod Poppers

EARL GRESH Streamer Flies and Box