Ammie Lee Like Live Bait Co. – Jacksonville, FL

The Ammie Lee Like Live bait was invented of Dr. Ammie L. Lee of Panama City, FL and made by the Like Live Bait Company in Jacksonville, FL. Lee was granted a patent for his lure design on May 13, 1930. The Ammie Lee lure is one of the most interesting of the lures made by a company in Florida. The lure has an internal spool that holds two lines. One going back to the rear mounted rubber band and the other forward to the line tie. When the line tie end was pulled, it put tension in the rubber band and caused the metal link to move the tail. Successive line tie pulls caused the tail to flap. The Ammie Lee “Like Live” bait is considered to be one of the great lures made by North Florida lure makers.

aimme lee like live bait co
aimme lee like live bait co


1930 patent

The AMMIE LEE 1930 Lure Patent