Kosmic Fly Reels – New York, NY

Kosmic Fly reels are one of the most desirable reels made by Julius vom Hofe, and later by Montague City Rod Co. Kosmic has always been a magical name. The Kosmic name is one that was first associated with fly rods sold by A.G. Spalding & Bros. in Chicago, IL. They achieved a great reputation for a high quality fly rod. They also sold the reel made for them by Julius vom Hofe marked “KOSMIC”. They sold the Kosmic rods and reels from around 1890 up until when the company ran into the effects of the depression in 1893. The Kosmic reel and rod part of the business was sold to United States Net & Twine in 1894. Spalding then went and bought the Peck & Snyder sporting goods business. US Net & Twine continued to sell the KOSMIC rods and reels up until around 1898 when they were bought by Montague City Rod Company. Montague continued to use the Kosmic name on some of their reels after they bought the company. Montague made these reels with this catchy name after they acquired the company US Net & Twine. This is a high quality reel made in both fly reel and raised pillar casting reel models. They were made of German silver and hard rubber. They also made a nickel plated brass and hard rubber salt water reel with the Kosmic name on it. Montague is considered to be one of the great New York reel makers.

The KOSMIC Fly Reel

The KOSMIC Model No. 936 Double Multiplying Casting Reel

The KOSMIC Model No. 945 Quadruple Multiplying Casting Reel

The KOSMIC Fishing Line

Montague Kosmic Reels

KOSMIC Reels in the 1901 MONTAGUE Catalog

1890 kosmic ad

KOSMIC Rod ad in July, 1890 “Forest and Stream” Magazine

1891 kosmic ad

The KOSMIC Reel Ad in May, 1891 “Forest and Stream” Magazine

1894 kosmic ad

The KOSMIC Ad in May, 1894 “American Field” Magazine

1896 kosmic ad

The KOSMIC Ad in 1895 “Forest and Stream” Magazine


The KOSMIC Tackle in 1896 Wilkinson Catalog

kosmic fly reel 1
kosmic fly reel 2

Montague KOSMIC Bait Casting and Fly Reels in 1901 Wm. Cornwall Catalog

kosmic line 3

The KOSMIC Fishing Line in 1899 Cornwall & Jespersen Catalog