Peter G. Giroud Reels – Brooklyn, NY

Peter G. Giroud reels were made in the late 1880’s. He was born in New York, NY in 1840. His occupation was listed as a “Watchmaker” in the 1870’s. Then in 1888, his occupation is listed as “Model Maker.” Giroud was very talented inventor and received over 13 patents associated with mechanical devices. He applied for a fishing reel patent on October 20, 1888 and received it on June 25, 1889. One of the interesting features of the reel is it’s rim mounted slider. Push it forward or up and it engages the click. Push the slider down and it engages the drag. That’s two mechanisms in one device. The Peter G. Giroud reels made from the patent design were solid German silver or German silver with hard rubber end plate inserts. Giroud assigned his reel patent to Thomas B. Mills of the William Mills & Son company. Giroud reels are considered one of the great reels made made by New York Reel makers. Peter Giroud reels are considered scarce and only a few have been found. They are very high quality reel.

The PETER G. GIROUD Reel, circa 1889

The P.G. GIROUD June 25, 1889 Reel Patent