Conroy, Bissett & Malleson Reels – Brooklyn, NY

Conroy, Bissett & Malleson reels were offered from 1875 to 1881. The company succeeded the J.C. Conroy & Co. located at 65 Fulton St. The company factory was listed at South 8th Street. Conroy, Bissett & Malleson specialized in the six strip split bamboo rods that were popular at the time. The sales business part of the company was handled by Conroy and Bissett. The supervision of the manufacturing businesses was Frederick Malleson’s responsibility.

These reels can be found that are made of German silver (nickel silver), brass or hard rubber and German silver. The most common, if there is a common one, are those made of brass like the ones shown below. These reels are called New York style ball-handled reels because of the characteristic ball counter weight at the end of the handle.

In 1881, Frederick Malleson removed himself from the Conroy, Bissett & Malleson business and the name was change to Conroy & Bissett. It remained this way for two years and the name was once again changed, this time to Conroy’s name himself. Thos. J. Conroy would be the last name for the company. The Conroy, Bissett & Malleson company was one of the great New York reel makers.


The CONROY, BISSETT & MALLESON Reel with a Rim Drag

The CONROY & BISSETT Salmon Reel

conroy 1875 ad

CONROY, BISSETT & MALLESON 1875 Forest and Stream Ad

conroy 1883 ad

CONROY & BISSETT 1883 Forest and Stream Magazine Ad

To see the 1881 Conroy, Bissett & Malleson (CBM) Catalog, click on the link below