Cozzone Reels – Newark, NJ

Cozzone reels were made by John A. Cozzone & Co and later by the Cozzone Corporation from 1922 through 1931. Most reels sold were for salt water fishing. Most of the salt water style reels were designed for surf fishing on the New Jersey coast. They also made a wooden reel and a fly reel. The fly reel was available with and without the metal protective bands around the end plates. Some the the fly reels came with a marbleized black and red colored end plates. All of Cozzone reels, including those for salt water and for fly fishing, are constructed of nickel silver (German Silver) and hard rubber. They are considered to be made by one of the early great reel makers.

The Marbelized Fly Reel

The Standard Fly Reel

The 150 Yard Size Surf Casting Reel

The 100 Yard 4-Pillar Reel


COZZONE Ad in January, 1925 “Sporting Goods Journal”