A. Hendrick & The Star Reel Works – Birmingham, CT

Reels were made by A. Hendrick & The Star Reel Works from the late 1880’s through the 1890’s. Most of their reels are not marked with a name. Augustus D. Hendrick was born in Forestville, CT in 1832. He worked for the New Haven Clock Company for over 30 years. The city directories list him as a “clock maker” through 1883. In 1884, Hendrick began a fishing tackle business with Henry Whiting. It didn’t last long and the partnership was dissolved in 1885 and the business became Hendrick Brothers. This partnership was also dissolved in 1886.

Partnerships and Dissolutions of A. Hendrick from 1884 thru 1886

The first reels associated with Hendrick had arrow head shaped levers to engage the click or drag mechanisms. The levers resemble clock arms reminiscent of his earlier profession as a clock maker. He later entered a business arrangement with Isaac Booth in Birmingham, CT to form The Star Reel Works in 1889. Reels sold by them had several distinguishing design characteristics. This included hard rubber handle knobs with three circumferential grooves and a machined one piece reel foot. Hendrick received a patent for a reel in 1892 and assigned it to Booth. Booth earlier Trademarked the name “MASCOT” for his reels on June 10, 1890. The “MASCOT” name was used on the Star Reel Works reels in his advertisements and sporting goods store catalog entries. A. Hendrick & The Star Reel Works is considered to be one of the great New England Area reel makers.

An Early Fancy Unmarked A. HENDRICK Made Reel

An Early A. HENDRICK Multiplying Reel

A. HENDRICK Star Reel Works MASCOT Fly Reel

A. HENDRICK Reels in the 1885 A.B. SHIPLEY Catalog


mascot reel

The STAR REEL WORKS “MASCOT” Reel in the 1900 ORVIS Catalog

The ISAAC BOOTH “MASCOT” June 10, 1890 Trademark

The A. HENDRICK November 8, 1892 Reel Patent


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