Jeanette Hawley Lures and Baits – Mohawk, FL

Jeanette Hawley Fishing Lures and Baits were Heddon lures made for and sold by Will T. Heddon’s wife Laura. Jeanette Hawley was Laura’s commercial name. The lure came with robust cup hardware specially designed for the Florida large mouth bass. Will Heddon, son of James Heddon, wrote articles about his fishing adventures in Florida. He often stayed at the “Jolly Palms” motel in Mohawk in Lake County, FL. In the March, 1904 issue of the Field & Stream magazine, Will writes about his experiences in catching bass and hunting alligators while in Mohawk, FL. The Jeanette Hawley Baits are considered to be one of the great collectible lures.

Jeanette Hawley Lure


1904 Laura Heddon Photo

Photo of Will & Laura Heddon and their Paddler in 1904 F&S Magazine