Dean Roane Special Lures – Orlando, FL

Dean Roane Special Lures were made from the 1950’s through the 1960’s. They represent a wide range of lure designs with unique features. He was an avid snook fisherman and as a result, most of his lures were made for salt water. The earliest ones are covered with foil. He did this to make them appear to a fish like a MirroLure. Some of the foil covered ones have been found with glass eyes. Later ones look to be professionally done and some have intricate scale patterns. A characteristic feature seen on the lures is a pin hole in the center of the black eye. Dean used tack pin to cover the black area of the eye to create the colored halo around it. Dean Roane Special Lures are considered to be made by one of the great Central Florida Lure Makers.

dean roane special lures

The DEAN ROANE Special Lures