C.M. Clinton Fly Reels – Ithaca, NY

C.M. Clinton fly reels were made for a relatively short period of time after it was patented. Clinton patented his side-mount fly reel on October 29, 1889. This is the period of time when side-mount fly reels were popular. The reel is usually found made of nickel plated brass and has an internal click. Models also have been found made of aluminum, German silver, nickel plated and of Gold plated German silver. The design is based on Alonzo Fowler’s 1872 patent for a hard rubber side-mount fly reel. It was reported in the June, 1909 Field & Stream magazine that after a few years of being off the market, the Clinton fly reel was once again being made. Treman, King & Co. of Ithaca, NY, bought the patent rights to the reel and were making it. The reel later shows up for sale in the 1910 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Regardless of when it was made, C.M. Clinton fly reels are considered to be made by one of the great New York reel makers.

C.M. Clinton German Silver Side Mount Fly Reel

C.M. Clinton Presentation Fly Reel with Gold Wash Coating

C.M. Clinton Nickel Plated Side Mount Fly Reel


The CLINTON Reel in 1898 Reuben Wood’s Sons Co. Catalog

clinton 1910 catalog

C.M. Clinton Side Mount Fly Reel in A&F 1910 Catalog

clinton patent

C.M. Clinton Side Mount Fly Reel October 29, 1889 Patent