Louis Rhead Nature Lures – Brooklyn, NY

Louis Rhead nature lures are some of the most interesting fishing lures that were made in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s. Rhead was an artist and an entomologist and endeavored to use both talents and his knowledge in his fishing lure designs. His advertisements always highlighted that his lures were hand-made and imitated nature. His designs varied from classic flies to common insects to frogs and minnows. The earliest Nature Lures were all made and painted by him. The Nature Flies were later made for him by Wm. Mills & Son. They were the exclusive agent for the flies and had them tied in England. Details about his lure designs can be seen in his book “Fisherman’s Lures and Game Fish Food” published in 1920.

Louis Rhead was born in England in 1858 and learned the art of painting English pottery. He also studied art in Paris. Rhead came to America in 1888 and was a poster and book Illustrator in New York. In the early 1900’s he became interested in angling art. He was the author of books on fishing techniques and natural lures. Rhead was a regular fishing contributor in the Forest and Stream magazine during the same period he was selling his lures. Louis Rhead nature lures early advertisements can be seen in the 1915 and 1917 Forest and Stream Magazines. His lures are considered to be made by one of the great lure makers. Louis Rhead died in 1926.

louis rhead nature lures

1920 Picture of Louis Rhead


Pages from LOUIS RHEAD’s 1920 Book “Fisherman’s Lures and Game-Fish Food”

LOUIS RHEAD 1915 “Forest and Stream” Magazine Ads

LOUIS RHEAD 1917 “Forest and Stream” Magazine Ads

LOUIS RHEAD Lures in 1922 “William Mills & Son” Catalog