Bales Four Tees Bait Co. – Tampa, FL

The Bales Four Tees Bait Co. was founded in Tampa in the early 1940’s. The Four Tees stood for the “The Topper That’s Tops.” William R. Bales was originally a Lancaster, OH resident where he was a sales manager for Electrolux natural gas powered Refrigerators. He and his family moved to Florida in 1942. His lures were top water lures and the most popular one was the Dolphin. The smaller version was called the Cuke. Bales registered the name “Four Tees” in Tampa in 1946. Bales and his family moved back to Lancaster, OH in 1949. Bales is considered one of the great Tampa Bay area lure makers.

The Collection of Robert Bales, The Grandson of W.R. Bales

bales four tees bait co

Four Tees Dolphin and Cuke Lure Collection

The Bales Four Tees Dolphin and Cuke Lures

Dolphin and Cuke Boxed Lures


The Four Tees Lure Box


William R. Bales Photo


William R. Bales Electrolux Ad in 1936 Lancaster, OH Newspaper


FOUR TEES BAIT Ad in 1948 Tampa Times Newspaper