Bender & Flynn Fishing Tackle – Pinellas Park, FL

Bender & Flynn Fishing Tackle was started by Albert Bender and E.C. Flynn. They made a regular and a jointed darter. The paint finish on these early lures produces what some say are the most beautiful lures ever made. Lures bearing both names were made for only a short while. Later lures were made by Bender himself under the name Bender Fishing Tackle Co. Bender retained the original two piece cardboard green box for a short time and then sold his lures in a blue and white cardboard box with a plastic lid. In 1952, Owen Chase purchased Bender and sold the lures under the name Chase Rod and Tackle Co. These are some of the great lures made by these Tampa Bay area makers.

Bender & Flynn Fishing Tackle

Bender & Flynn, Bender and Chase Lures

Bender & Flynn Fishing Tackle

Bender and Chase Pot-Belly Lures

Early Bender & Flynn and Bender Lure and Boxes

Bender & Flynn


CHASE ROD & TACKLE CO. Potbelly Lures

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