Earl Gresh Tackle Boxes

The Earl Gresh Tackle boxes are unique in their design. He built low profile boxes that were designed to keep them stable while in a boat during rough water. This is unlike a taller type tackle box that is possible to tip over and spill the contents. Gresh Tackle boxes typically measure 18 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall and have two internal trays. Boxes have also been found with a single tray for lures that is about 2 inches tall and the same length and width as the regular tackle box. Earl Gresh Tackle boxes were made by one of the great Tampa Bay area makers.

EARL GRESH’s Personal “Tarpon Tackle” Box

Alvin Austin Ames’s EARL GRESH Tackle Box

EARL GRESH Short Tackle Box

EARL GRESH 6-Pack Tackle Box Made for Red Marston

EARL GRESH 6-Pack Tackle Box

EARL GRESH Streamer Fly Tackle Box