Winchester Fishing Lures – New Haven, CT

Winchester fishing lures, other fishing tackle items and tools were made by them after they purchased the Hendryx Corporation in 1919. The purchase of Hendryx and other hardware related companies was due to the Winchester factory slowdown after World War I. They started making their wooden lures in 1920. Three wooden lure designs were introduced. This included a three treble hook Minnow, a five treble hook Minnow and a weedless hook Multi Wobbler. On July 26, 1921, Leavitt J. Lane received a patent for a decal design to be applied to a lure that simulates fish scales. Levitt assigned the patent to the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. in the patent.

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Excerpt from WINCHESTER securities filing from 1921 listed in “Moodys Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities”